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Q:  I have a biller who has been with me for years, but is now leaving. Why should I choose you?
A:  Princeton Billing Service manages your cash flow when other practices’ billers are on vacation, sick, or decide to quit. We work as your ad hoc staff and you do not pay us extra for sick time, benefits, vacation pay, or training costs. Since we are only a cell phone call away, our clients can talk to us most anytime –even evenings and weekends!

Q:  What other advantages do you provide me?
A:  We are certified professional coders (CPC). We have a healthcare financial management background. We are very respected for our expertise and experience by doctors, administrators, accountants, consultants, attorneys, other billers, and insurance companies. We have more people than just one biller looking over your accounts and keeping you informed of recommendations to your internal operations, insurance rule and code changes, potential payment slowdowns, while maintaining your cash flow so you can have more free time and “peace of mind”.

Q:  Aren’t all billing companies the same?
A:  No. They might do some generic things such as providing electronically billed claims for a physician office. But companies are as different as there are different work ethics, expertise, knowledge levels, experience, technology sets, and managerial abilities. Different billing companies have different collection results. Our background is based in management consulting so we created a very effective company. We pride ourselves on achieving results for physician offices, ambulatory surgery facilities, and other centers and clinics that exceed our clients’ and insurance company reps’ expectations.

Q:  How long do your clients stay with you?
A:  Nearly all of our clients have automatically renewed their contracts with us and it has been a great partnership for both of us going back to 1997. Clients have told us that they have been offered discount fee arrangements from companies "trying to get their business", but saving pennies in fees is not worth losing dollars in lower collection performance. We are truly thankful for their trust and friendship.

Q:  How much do you charge?
A:  It depends on your service needs. Our fees are very competitive with the marketplace and we think we run far ahead of the pack with our results. There always will be companies offering lower fees, but ask yourself if lower penny-wise fees will lead to the same pound-wise collection results and services.

Q:  How do you charge for your services?
A:  We can charge clients using arrangements that include a fixed fee per month, but most of our fees to our clients are usually set up at the greater of either a nominal dollar amount to help pay for getting you up and running, or a percent of collections. Our clients and we have found that this arrangement gives us both the same shared objective. When you get paid, we get paid.

Q:  Can you use my computer system to do my billing?
A:  Absolutely! We have clients who use our computer system and we have clients with whom we use their system. We have expertise using most computer systems to achieve our desired results for you.

Q:  How will my patient information and accounts get switched over from my old computer system?
A:  We have switched over numerous clients. First, we make sure all of your existing computer's reports are printed and files are stored. We then move all of your outstanding accounts to our system. Next, we work each of your old accounts while taking care of your new accounts. We focus on resolving the reasons why your old accounts exist so they can be brought to a successful conclusion. You never lose contact with your information as you transition from your computer sytem to ours. It's that simple.

Q:  Do you follow up on claims?
A:  Absolutely! If a valid claim is not being paid by an insurance company, then there has to be a reason. Some billing companies might just write off the claim. We don’t. We find the reason and address it. This is where the real work for a company begins and this is what we call “Follow up”.

Q:  How do I know if you are doing a good job?
A:  The general approach that clients use is to look at the amount of services that you are rendering and how much money is coming in. The more detailed answer is that we show you each time we talk to you and each time you have a question. We show you in detailed revenue and write-off reports and accounts receivable agings. We accurately prepare our services with the goal that every claim will pass internal and outside audits and reviews.

Q:  What kinds of reports can I get?
A:  Nearly anything you can imagine in either electronic or paper form. Our computer system is the industry leader and it lets us do almost anything you or we can dream up for our facility-based and physician practice clients.

Q:  Can you help us with staff privileges, applying to insurances, negotiating contracts, setting up internal forms and procedures, etc.?
A:  Absolutely! Our backgrounds in consulting, practice management, billing services, and revenue management allow us to take care of this for you – even helping you decide which insurances are right for you to participate in.

Q:  I have a new service. Can you help me get the revenue side up and running, and keep it running?
A:  Absolutely! We specialize in new startups and the avoidance of costly startup mistakes. Whether it is a new physician practice, CT or MRI center, ambulatory surgery center, radiation oncology practice or infusion center, we act as your ad hoc manager and staff in setting up and managing the revenue side of your business without the expensive fees of management companies.

Q:  We were told by our former billing company that we could start seeing patients months ago when we applied to Medicare as a new provider and we still don’t have our Medicare number. How do we get paid?
A:  It is understandable that you would like to be paid for all the patients you have seen thus far, but insurance participation is usually dependent on Medicare participation. This is one of many problems and mistakes that can occur when a new service is starting up. We specialize in avoiding costly startup mistakes.

Q:  What is your clients’ most common complaint?
A:  We have heard on more than a few occasions, Is all this money really ours?” And, yes, it really is theirs.

Q:  What is your clients’ most common praise?
A:  Our clients thank us because they don’t have to worry about the revenue side of their business and we free up their time while giving them “peace of mind”.

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