Managing and improving your revenues

Why Princeton...

Unique Approach
Our revenue management specialists focus on the total revenue cycle, not "sending bills out in the cheapest manner“. We start with ensuring the patient and the insurance company are satisfied so payment can be quickly received. Then we work backwards to when the patient was first scheduled for an appointment and efficiently manage each step along the way. Every client is unique so we tailor our methods to meet your specific needs.

Accurate and Efficient                              
It is more important than ever to bill accurately and ensure patient claims reflect all of the provided services.  We are certified professional coders. We prepare our services with the goal that every claim will pass internal and outside audits and reviews. A resulting benefit is having patient claims processed quickly so payments can be received without delay.

Knowledge and Experience

Today's billing and revenue management requirements are complex and require individual attention.  Established in 1997, we continue to bring our unique billing and revenue management experience to help our physician and healthcare facility clients grow in their success.


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